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igus igus make rail positioning easier

igus showcase its new drylin linear slide products at the Hanover Industrial Fair, in addition to the existing light preload systems, but also the new stepless positioning rail system.
German sports engineering plastics specialist igus launch new products for the manual adjustment of the linear slide series, as can be multi-stage adjustment of the positioning system, and the use of guided slide preload compact stepless positioning system. Through igus online configuration system, users can easily adjust the order simply complete solutions according to their needs.
Manually adjust sound simple, but the difficulty is not small. Especially the vertical adjustment of a great challenge, such as kitchen utensils, headrest or fitness and rehabilitation equipment. Common rail line ball is not suitable, although they are very accurate, but it is too expensive and can not be fixed position. They also require additional lubrication oil, increase the risk of contamination of food or clothing. German sports expert igus engineering plastics for such applications developed several oil-free module, the user can point adjustable preload or continuous adjustment of these products through the lock according to their needs.
In the new drylin W linear slide adjustment system, the engineered plastic slider and fixed preset locking points on the track. Positioning beads between the slider and the track is held by a stainless steel spring to ensure that the slider position remains unchanged. Locking force depends on the spring and the hole (the same as the length of the track can be customized according to demand). Engineering plastic slider positioning beads almost no gap when mounted on lightweight aluminum rail.
New drylin linear slide stepless positioning system is also ideal for high quality and the need to adjust the positioning operation of the manually adjusted. Igus offers four spring preload settings can be set individually retention. For vertical load lighter, the slider can be easily fixed in place. Rail anodized, corrosion resistance, can be ordered directly from igus, up to three meters. Stepless positioning system by the slide of oil-free iglidur J material made of a spring made of stainless steel, the slider mounting holes are made of brass.