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completed the previously announced divestiture

Gothenburg, June 30, 2016: SKF (SKF) has completed the previously announced divestiture of the business to sell its wire flight LORD Corporation, Cayton (Kaydon) speed control business to Stabilus.
The total price of the sale of wire flight operations was 39 million euros. Cayton speed control traffic to sell a total price of $ 339 million. The two transactions were carried out in the absence of cash and debt free basis. After the two transactions are expected contraband cash flow of approximately SEK 2.8 billion. Net income is expected to reduce the impact of SEK 350 million, mainly for the tax costs. These financial statements will be included in the 2016 second quarter.
By-wire flight operations is mainly responsible for the production of the cockpit control systems, sensors, shock absorbers and electromechanical drive device, which 2015 turnover of 37 million euros, the number of employees to 150.
Cayton speed control traffic contains ACE, Hahn Gasfedern, Fabreeka and TechProducts four brands, its turnover in 2015 of approximately $ 120 million and employs 550 people.