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SKF help the world's largest LNG transport ship propulsion device

SKF, with its leading technology and engineering to help customers continue to improve the world's largest LNG carrier propulsion device reliability and lower life-cycle costs. ABB's research and development Azipod® propulsion device has been applied to 170,000 cubic meters of ice-breaking LNG tankers, these carriers will be used for development of natural gas on the Yamal Peninsula and natural gas to Asia and Europe.
The first LNG carrier Yamal project will be launched in 2016 from South Korea, it is expected to produce 16.5 million tonnes per year LNG. However, this hard-won achievements, because Yamal Peninsula located above the Arctic Circle and the year most of the time in the frozen state. In fact, the operating condition of this remote environment is extremely poor, requires that the machine and the components must be rugged enough to run continuously throughout the year.
Therefore, ABB has chosen to cooperate with SKF of 10 LNG carriers developed Azipod propulsion, because SKF has extensive expertise in applications engineering (especially in demanding applications where), and well-equipped reliable and innovative ability test. SKF thrust bearing to provide custom configurations, including bearing and shaft seals as well as high-performance self-aligning CARB toroidal roller bearings. By using these products, ABB can improve operational reliability and service life of the ship. SKF has more than ten years of experience in the engineering and transport installations used in ice-breaking projects, but these devices are still in normal service.
In addition, SKF also provides ABB factory ship assembly and installation supervision services.
Sami Kontturi SKF project manager, said: "We are delighted to be able to provide customers with SKF expertise and the most advanced technology and our engineering support company and its products can help ABB Azipod propulsion device to improve the performance of LNG carriers. and efficiency, accelerate the Yamal project in the world to explore the natural resources of the process. "
In addition to providing bearing means for the Yamal LNG tankers outside, SKF also offers Turbulo Bilge water separator and SKF BlueMon system (for recording and mapping environmental monitoring systems ship emissions).