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Motor JTEKT successfully developed with better sound quality with deep groove ball bearings

JTEKT (JTEKT) has announced the cause of bearing Koyo brand tagline "Key of your operation", the future will be working with customers and solving problems, as a "reliable partner" to provide more quality products for various industries .
The newly developed industrial machinery and other electrical appliances with a deep groove ball bearing raceway by its improvement, effectively reducing the rotation produced by the "harsh sound sensible man." The product is now in volume production. In the future, especially in the robotics industry, such as nursing robots, people living near the places of products will increase. As the bearing noise for improved development of new products in the future "high emotional quality" products will be increasing demand.
JTEKT strive to provide satisfactory products to every customer, we will continue to study bearing mute and sound optimization technology and cooperation with clients to develop more, better and more quality products.
1. Features
[When] the rotation noise reduction
By improving the bearing raceway surfaces, effectively reducing the "human sensible strident voice" (compared to previous products and reduce 5dB)
※ --- bearing outer ring raceway inside and outside of the inner ring and rolling elements (ball) of the contact part.
2. Detailed Description
"Rotates very quiet, you can not hear the shrill voice," This is a very high bearing performance requirements.
With the demand for the development of the robotics industry, similar to the care of people's lives robot robotic peripheral products will increase. Therefore, the robot used bearing its "sound, the sound performance" requirements will increase.
JTEKT for the sound performance of the bearing, not just "noise reduction" will "improve the quality" as the main points of focus in the past, vibration, noise evaluation method based on the introduction of volume indicators reflect the human experience as a voice evaluation methods. In this way, the development of a good-quality bearings, reducing the harsh noise.
Typically, the human hearing range between 20 ~ 20,000Hz, wherein the human ear in the most sensitive range of sound 1,000 ~ 5,000Hz. The development of new products, so that by finishing the raceway surface of the bearing, making it more smooth than the conventional product. To successfully reduce noise (and compared to conventional products, reducing 5dB) rotation of the bearing. Presumably this is mounted on the motor bearings and other products, the effect will be exciting, so the sound quality is excellent development of machinery industry to contribute.