The present production assortment comprises standard but primarily special large diameter rolling bearings, developed and designed according to the customer's requirements with regard to their applications and to operation parameters.

GPZ has a consolidated tradition with experience in customer services with the aim of offering Bearing solutions and after sales service and Customer Satisfaction what nowadays is referred to as "Customer Care".

GPZ provides technical and training services, such as storage, maintenance, repair, and replacement of bearings i.e. installation, lubrication etc. to get optimum life of a bearing.

Highly qualified specialists GPZ carry out bearings diagnostics and provides its Customers with support services and offers prompt and REASONABLE bearing solutions EVEN WHERE MAINTAINANCE IS GIVEN LEAST PREFERENCE IN HARD Conditions. GPZ LTD has proved that it is a stable producer of bearings & has become well-known to all users of bearings around the world.

Customers all over world have already appreciated GPZ as Quality-oriented bearing Manufacturer.


Main specialization areas : production and sale of Standard and special Large Dia. ROLLING Bearings INCLUDING TECHNICAL PRE & AFTER SALES SERVICES & DEVELOPMENT

Product range: over 18 200 types of bearings Director General of GPZ LTD: Irina Gribok