Machine Tools

NSK is the only one in the world to develop and provide a full set of machine tools needed for the yuan (that is, bearings, ball screw, linear guide rail, electric spindle) product manufacturers.
NSK special machine products include: to cited that ho, strong ability of the products launched from Japan and the UK manufacturing "precision bearings" and has unparalleled high-speed rotation ability of the world's highest level of the "spindle", and based on the most advanced technical force of the world's top brand products "ball screw" and to ensure that the technology for the production of good quality, high precision manufacturing, NSK linear guides ".
NSK with friction control technology as the core, has a total reduction of energy consumption analysis technology and can be closely evaluated the corresponding requirements of the evaluation techniques, as well as the reduction of energy consumption and high performance of both the two lubrication technology. Moreover, NSK also strive to promote the product life of the material technology in the key technology research and development, and strive to meet the needs of precision bearings and high performance and environmental protection, determined to develop environmentally friendly products.
As a mechanical components of the integrated manufacturers, NSK to meet the needs of customers at the same time, but also to help customers achieve machine tools from the early start to the overall optimization of the whole requirements.
NSK to meet the needs of high speed, high rigidity, high precision of the machine tool spindle, in 1998 launched the "ROBUST series (angular contact ball bearings, cylindrical roller bearings)". Application alone electric spindle technology and robust series of products, NSK in 2002 leading peer manufacturers developed knuckle bearing circle diameter times the speed of a breakthrough 400 million DMN spindle, established the living status of ultra high speed spindle at the top of the pyramid.
In order to correspond to the environmental protection requirements in recent years, in the machine tool spindle bearings, NSK in the world to launch the first grease supply system. And in the past, only by lubricating oil to achieve the high speed area, to achieve a lubricating grease can also be the corresponding way. In this system, the noise caused by the spray and the wind noise is removed while the noise caused by the spray and the air noise is removed, and the contribution to the improvement of the use environment is also made.

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