Agricultural machinery


Recently, the problem of food shortages worldwide increasing concern, which can be realized highly efficient and stable grain production of agricultural machinery has become increasingly important. And use of the environment and the types of crops in various countries, local adapt to a wide variety of agricultural machinery.
In a large number of agricultural machinery, the most representative is the tractor. Tractor is installed in a wide variety of mechanical work on the power front and rear portions of the vehicle body, in order to achieve the arable land, planting, fertilizing and spreading drug traction machinery.
A plurality of transmission parts, wheels, tractor engines are used in bearings, and most are used in the mud, heavy conditions.
In addition, the agricultural machinery in Europe and vast arable land used to gradually develop in the direction of large, bearing conditions become more demanding.
Under such conditions, the customer bearing presents both high reliability and cost requirements.
To support the world's agricultural productivity leap, NSK muddy water resistant environmental heat treatment technology, heavy-duty resistant material technology and unique design optimization technology, round the clock technical innovation to meet customer requirements.
NSK's performance • technological innovations
Semi Toroidal CVT
Since the farm machinery used for muddy environments and heavy-duty working conditions, and therefore resistant to foreign matter and long-life performance have higher requirements. To meet these requirements, NSK use in the world is proud of design technology, materials technology, tribology technology and manufacturing technology, has developed a "TM bearing" with special seals, the use of special materials heat treatment technology "HTFTM bearing, "high purity" EP steel "and other products to achieve unprecedented performance and long life and resistance to foreign bodies.
In the future, NSK will provide customers with its unique combination of cutting-edge technology of bearing products to meet customer needs.

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